What’s Your Net Promoter Score?

Understanding what’s being said about your brand is a key element of planning and strategizing around sustaining and building your business. But it’s not just sentiment that’s important here – it’s also science.

That’s why Siyezwa undertakes in-depth customer and employee engagement analysis to help you better understand what’s being said. And we do that, by finding out your company’s Net Promoter Score.

Science from Sentiment

Your company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a unique and easy to understand management tool. Siyezwa is able to assign one to your company after conducting thorough research into your customers’ experiences. We’ll figure out what level of customer loyalty your company has and be able to tell you how to improve or maintain your NPS. We’ll tell you how many people are unhappy or happy with your services, and even highlight where your customers have a neutral feeling towards your brand. It’s sentiment, that’s turned into science, enabling you to strategically plan for building a better business.

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