Understanding Your Employees

Knowing the ins and outs of your company’s internal processes is important. But being able to find inefficiencies, discover successes and act on problems is even more crucial. The Gallup 12 survey is easily implemented across your company, to assess, measure and monitor your business processes and employee engagement.

Just Twelve Questions

Asking the right questions, at the right time, to the right people can be a tremendous undertaking, but Siyezwa makes it easy using the Gallup 12 survey. With just twelve questions, we’re able to assess your company’s operations and help you build a better business from the inside out. A tried and tested method, the Gallup 12 survey measures aspects of employee engagement that link directly to your business’ purpose and objectives.

Measure and Monitor

But we don’t just give you the research data and hope for the best – Siyezwa goes one step further. Instead, Siyezwa provides you with insightful reports that make sense out of the information collected. Using visualization techniques, infographics and strategic inputs, Siyezwa helps you build a better business.

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